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Factions 2.0 - Early Access

Nelly ∞ tagOwnerDev posted Oct 11, 16

We are very happy to bring you the news of Factions 2: it is currently in beta!

SkaiaCraft releases The Forge Factions - it is a total redesign of our current Factions server:

  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Abilities
  • All new ranks
  • Loot Crates
  • Bosses
  • Balanced Economy
  • No OP-weapons
  • KnightFall Anti-Cheat (2.0)

The cost of plugins, code and equipment is at an all-time high. That is why we really need funding to help in the development of Factions 2. As an incentive to all who donate, you get to join the server early (a month before actual release!). Funds go directly to the development.

For $20 Donation: You will be added to the white-list, and can get in touch with us if you want to help in the development. You also get 'Reforged' tag on this site, as a thank you from us.

To open the shop and donate for this, click here


No refunds.
You can not decide to return the fee.

No damage.
If you grief or break any part of it, we will close your access and let KnightDev eat your soul.

No exchange/sharing of your account.
IP-addresses are monitored, and sharing to help others get around the fee will lead to a ban.

mage VIP+ owner, my password is not working, please reset it and let me change the password or message me the new password, thank ...
yugikid1 Vanilla-OPAdmin ↓ not true. But, we DO have a completely NEW gamemode coming to skaia. im working on it though it will be a while ...
RougeZombieX Co-OwnerSkaia-GodPremium+ I heard that upon this releasing the standard Factions server will be wiped. Is this true?

Monthly Top Voter Winners!

Nelly ∞ tagOwnerDev posted Oct 2, 16

It's time to announce the winners for the TOP 30 most voting players of September!
If you've won Pumpkin, Voter, VIP+ or VIP rank, visit now and purchase your rank with the points you've been credited. 
If you have not signed up on the website, please do that here, comment below telling us your username in Minecraft, and then our staff team will add points to your account so you can redeem your rank at the shop page! Have fun with your new ranks :) The winners are:

Pumpkin/Voter Rank Winners Of September

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
- Hamadi 292 Skipped (is Voter rank)
1 TechnoMinerX 186 Point-By-Point method
2 DALEK 182 Wins Pumpkin rank!
- Samsia99 176 Skipped (is Pumpkin rank)
3 Sev 153 Wins Pumpkin rank!
4 Edi_Edy 148 Wins Pumpkin rank!
- 1ndg0 131 Skipped (Server Mod)
5 TheJessbot303 129 Wins Pumpkin rank!
6 LovelySkaia 128 Wins Pumpkin rank!
7 slender 115 Wins Pumpkin rank!
- fran_050196 107 Skipped (is Pumpkin rank)
8 Demoniak29 84 Sign up & comment below
9 SuperMagma 76 Sign up & comment below
10 DarkCreeperBoyMC 76 Wins Pumpkin rank!

VIP+ Rank Winners Of September

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
11 MrClutchGod 74 Wins VIP+ rank!
- Gregor1975 72 Skipped (is Pumpkin rank)
12 _Artifex_ 64 Wins VIP+ rank!
13 Whale 59 Wins VIP+ rank!
14 AxozPlayz 58 Wins VIP+ rank!
15 _Armin_ 53 Sign up & comment below
16 Endyys96 51 Sign up & comment below
17 Love_LGG4 49 Wins VIP+ rank!
18 Dayrex 46 Sign up & comment below
19 Urix 46 Wins VIP+ rank!
20 CenkQ 44 Wins VIP+ rank!

VIP Rank Winners Of September

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
- VaporeonTW 43 Skipped (is VIP+ rank)
21 amazing 42 Sign up & comment below
- Zenya4 41 Skipped (is God rank)
22 seva2538 37 Wins VIP rank!
23 ItzabdullahYT 37 Wins VIP rank!
24 aragondx 36 Wins VIP rank!
25 Dentak123 35 Sign up & comment below
26 Ur_Mum 31 Wins VIP rank!
27 Vampyro 31 Sign up & comment below
28 XomI 30 Sign up & comment below
29 Lightyin 30 Sign up & comment below
30 feeds2000 29 Wins VIP rank!


Masitah_Amiruddin PUMPKIN i won pumpkin rank can i get my point plss
❤Poseidon's Daughter❤ i won pumpkin can i get my point i want to be pumpkin
Sev PUMPKIN Can I be Pumpkin and Voter at the same time?

Server Login Issues Fix

Nelly ∞ tagOwnerDev posted Sep 4, 16

We became aware of an issue that prevents some users to enter the correct password. This appears to be caused when servers (Factions / Cueball / HG) are sharing the same database. In order to try to solve the problem without having to change to another authentication plugin (and Lossing all passwords), we will split the database in multiple databases - one for each server.

As a result, if you change your password on the server, it will not change on other servers automatically. You will also need to change their passwords on other servers.

This change will proceed in the near future, and we hope will lead to a reduction in the number of complaints and questions related to this issue.

As new users will still be unregistered on other servers, new staff are now required to register their accounts on all servers before the actual promotion. We will also seek new auth plugin in the near future.

Daisythekitten Vanilla-OP What do I need to do to fix my password? Or is this still work in progress?
Sev PUMPKIN Daisythekitten I guess this will solve your issue too?
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