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Monthly Top Voter Winners!

Nelly ∞ tagOwnerDev posted Aug 9, 16

It's time to announce the winners for the TOP 30 most voting players of July!
If you've won Pumpkin, Voter, VIP+ or VIP rank, visit now and purchase your rank with the points you've been credited. 
If you have not signed up on the website, please do that here, comment below telling us your username in Minecraft, and then our staff team will add points to your account so you can redeem your rank at the shop page! Have fun with your new ranks :) The winners are:

Pumpkin/Voter Rank Winners Of July

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
- hamadi 641 Skipped (is Voter rank)
1 lxShermanlx 440 Won, includes Premium+
- kipkorn 399 Skipped (is Pumpkin rank)
2 miniminter 317 Cannot credit points
3 golden_apple123 289 Won Pumpkin rank!
4 endymion 285 Won Pumpkin rank!
5 mr_expelled 248 Won Pumpkin rank!
6 gregor1975 237 Won Pumpkin rank!
7 kukkurloom 226 Won Pumpkin rank!
8 anna2404 192 Cannot credit points
9 mythplatypusp 190 Won Pumpkin rank!
10 minecraftdude02 179 Won Pumpkin rank!

VIP+ Rank Winners Of July

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
11 hylux 178 Won VIP+ rank!
12 trololoftw 149 Won VIP+ rank
13 _iridescence 143 Won VIP+ rank!
14 _ray786_ 128 Won VIP+ rank!
15 vaporeontw 105 Won VIP+ rank!
16 maylivo 104 Sign up & comment below
- lovelyskaia 101 Skipped (is Pumpkin rank)
17 supergamer345 96 Sign up & comment below
18 05ponywarrior05 96 Won VIP+ rank!
19 zerokewl 96 Sign up & comment below
20 lilbish1 95 Won VIP+ rank!

VIP Rank Winners Of July

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
21 resolutecub9997 91 Sign up & comment below
22 bently2016 89 Won VIP rank!
23 artorias216 89 Won VIP rank!
24 cms02 80 Won VIP rank!
25 seaker 80 Sign up & comment below
- hydronic89 79 Skipped (server Co-Owner)
26 snowball1812 77 Cannot credit points
27 dividebyzero 71 Won VIP rank!
28 pure_heart_mtb 69 Won VIP rank!
29 stopschild 69 Sign up & comment below
30 skai 67 Won VIP rank!


DarkCreeperBoyMC My In Game Username: DarkCreeperBoyMC
๖ۣۜƤⱥη∂ⱥ༻痛 ❥❥ can i get my points? .-.
DaVoid plz my point guys i am at the top 10 voters


StarDan90 tagOwnerDev posted Aug 1, 16

After the server maintenance that will happen after an hour from posting this, you will find out that you won't be in a faction. This is because we are updating the factions plugin (among other things) and it's not possible to migrate the player data automatically. Other data like faction claims or flags have no problems, so the other things will remain intact.

But don't worry, since we can manually move you to your original faction. You only need to ask an admin or higher, or make a ticket if there are no staff online.

Apologies for the inconveniences

FirestoneINC Co-Owner So when we get on, Just have someone move us back to the faction we were in?
BeijingDuck SCMC VIP how long is the maintenance going to last?
minecraftdude02 when r the july winners gonna be annoucced??

Skin Changer Update

Nelly ∞ tagOwnerDev posted Jul 11, 16

Hello everyone! This is a quick annuoncement that /skin set <Player> no longer works.

The command has been shortened and is now /skin <Player>.

Apologies for the confusion. Enjoy!

Coolspider X I will sue you all cause ur are um yeah yeah
Natalie The command does not work for me. I do not know why!
mUżźërs Vanilla-OP Techno, I will sue you for advertising &lt;See what i did there , No? then get rekt m8. Or should i say get sued m8
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