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Official SkaiaCraft & Factions Staff List

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Mrs. Chelsie Co-Owner
Below is the list of staff members on the SkaiaCraft server, if someone who isn't on this list and they try to tell you they are staff or try to access your account, do not let them and report them immediately. Note that this doesn't have the donated staff, though they are easily distinguishable from the actual staff because of the $ sign in their name. If you need to contact any of the staff, please feel free to do so. There are links to most of the staff members Enjin profiles, so it's very easy to find them on the forums.

Green - You are fulfilling what is expected of you as a staff member.
Yellow - You have made few or minor mistakes. You should be more active.
Orange - You are not participating as expected. Improve performance or risk losing your rank.
Red - You have been warned about your behavior and will not receive another notice. You have one week to improve.
Purple- New/Neutral
Grey - Staff member is temporarily inactive.
Pink - Staff member is in a Trial period of 2 weeks.
Notice: Exact In-Game names are put between brackets ()

Owners (4)
Nelly∞ (N_Sh)
Jack (SkaiaCraft)
StarDan90 (StarDan90)
D0ct0rKat (D0ct0rKat)

Co-Owners (17)
Martino1337 (Martino1337) Andrew Horsie (Nihonjin)
ParadoxFox_ (ParadoxFox_) Hydronic89 (Hydronic89) $
Hutch2507 (Hutch_W2507) $ lwack (lwack)
XxAalyNellyxX (XxAalyNellyxX) $ izaanahsan (izaanahsan) $
GucciJuice (G5ive) MrEpicGoat (MrEpicGoat) $
virr03 (Virr03) $ Matthew. (Cancerogen)
ZedPool (ZedPool) speedlegs_ (speedlegs_)
Biestkillah (Biestkillah) $ Noahtho (Naohtho)
Mrs. Chelsie (ChelZ21)

Admins (5)Moderators (4)
itsfine (itsfine) ToxicEMP (ToxicEMP) $
Asyromatic (Asyromatic) Anna2404 (Anna2404)
MrClutchGod (MrClutchGod) adamjon858 (adamjon858)
extinct_coffee (extinct_coffee) $ Daevagamingz (daedricgaming202)
FlyingOreo161 (FlyingOreo161)


Q: Who can be a staff member?

A: Anyone can fill out an application, but only those whose applications are seen as acceptable are accepted. You can raise your chances of being accepted by having a positive attitude and being helpful - a clean record always helps.

Q: What do the different ranks do/what are their responsibilities?

A: Click the respected links below to find out what each rank does and how they play their role here at SkaiaCraft. Each member of the staff team has a different role they play, but everyone is significant in that everyone we has a role in which they play which makes this server so successful.

Q: Who reads my application when I apply and how long do I have to wait until I get a response?

A: Staff team with the privileges of, e.g. recruiter, site admins, owners, can read your application. The wait to get a response can range between a few hours to a few days, please be patient as we assess each application as a team and discuss before an application is accepted so that we are absolutely sure we are making a right decision when we choose a new addition to join the staff team. The accepting of an application is always finalized by one of the owners

Click the links below for information about how to be an awesome staff member:

For Moderators
For Admins
For Co-Owners

Applications are currently open!
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